zondag 2 november 2014

Sur Quartet

Sur, besides referring to the South in Spanish, has many different meanings. It is also "melody" in Sanskrit and the name of the fundamental tone: the purest note, the one most in tune with the root. 

Sur Quartet consists of four dedicated musicians with different musical backgrounds. Their openness towards music from other cultures and their drive to create exciting new versions of existing songs and traditionals, make the perfect breeding grounds for their new musical adventure. 

The result is a mixture of Traditional Music, Flamenco, Indian sounds, African, Arabic, Latin music… in which invoking melodies, intoxicating grooves and intense harmonies produce a personal sound.

Joining the acoustic guitar, the Indian Bansuri flutes, songs and percussion sounds from many cultures, Sur Quartet creates a unique blend of music in which all meanings of "Sur" may be connected.


Suheir : vocals
Karel Van Deun: guitar
Egon Loosveldt: percussion
Erwin Van Gorp: Bansuri and flutes